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This page is edited by Zsombor Jékely, an art historian from Budapest, Hungary. I work at the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest. Recently I have been one of the curators of a major exhibition dedicated to King and Emperor Sigismund.

I received my PhD from Yale University, where I studied at the History of Art Department, focusing on medieval art. My dissertation is titled Art and Patronage in Medieval Hungary - The Frescoes of the Augustinian Church at Siklós (advisor: Walter Cahn). My earlier diplomas are from the Central European University (MA in Medieval Studies) and from Eötvös Loránd University (MA in Art History)

You can find me on LinkedIn and on Academia.edu, where several of my papers are also available.

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Here is a list of projects I worked on:

Exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest

Exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest:
THE DOWRY OF BEATRICE - Italian Majolica Art and the Court of King Matthias Corvinus. Budapest, March-June 2008
I was the project leader of this exhibition and co-editor of the catalogue with Gabriella Balla.

The catalogue can be ordered here.

Exhibition in 2006, first in Budapest and
later in Luxemburg. 
I worked as one of the curators of the exhibition.
The exhibition catalog was published
by Philipp von Zabern of Mainz. For reviews of the catalog,
click here.

Verrocchio's Christ - Museum of Fine Arts,
March 13 - June 22, 2003. Exhibition and bilingual exhibition catalogue.

I have written several studies on medieval wall-paintings in Hungary, and also co-authored two books on the subject.

My book on medieval wall-paintings in North-eastern Hungary, written with József Lángi and edited by Tibor Kollár:
József Lángi - Zsombor Jékely: Falfestészeti emlékek a középkori Magyarország északkeleti megyéiből. Budapest: Teleki László Foundation, 2009. 459 pp. ISBN 978-963-7081-170

My book on medieval frescoes in
written together with restorer Loránd Kiss
and edited by Tibor Kollár: 

Loránd Kiss - Zsombor Jékely: Középkori falképek Erdélyben. Ed. Tibor Kollár. Budapest, Teleki László Foundation, 2008. 363 pages, ISBN 978-963-7081-14-9
Both books were published by the
László Teleki Foundation.

Some other studies of mine available
on the web:
My dissertation: Art and Patronage in Medieval Hungary - The
Frescoes of the Augustinian Church at Siklós - PhD Dissertation, Yale University, 2003. Available for purchase in printed or
PDF format from 
UMI dissertation services. UMI number: 

A siklósi volt Ágostonos-templom freskóinak stíluskapcsolatai (The Style of the Frescoes at the Augustinian Church of Siklós), in: Omnis creatura significans Tanulmányok Prokopp Mária 70. születésnapjára - Essays in Honour of Mária Prokopp, Budapest, 2009 (link to full book

Review of Iva Rosario's Art and Propaganda - The Medieval Review2003 (direct link to article) 

Jáki és garamszentbenedeki falképek - Illustrated study from the 2001 exhibition catalogue Paradisum plantavitin Hungarian.

A series of entries for the Magyar Művelődéstörténeti Lexikon, a printed and online encyclopedia of Hungarian Cultural History, published by Balassi Kiadó - see www.mamul.hu

Visit my website on the Art of Medieval Hungary!